Nino is a shorthair Arabian Mau with a gorgeous spotted coat. He is just like a rebellious teenager. He is so loud and will scream at you non-stop. His cries sound like a wild jaguar. He hasn't learned that hands are not toys yet and he has a tendency to bite and scratch, although he is slowly learning to be gentle. His aggression is simply a cry for attention. We can tell that he really wants love and affection, but his guard is just way up. When there are no cats in sight, Nino is very friendly and sweet. He likes cheek and booty scratches. More than anything Nino just wants to feel safe and relaxed, we can tell by his ability to melt in our hands when he lets his guard down.

Nino is a very playful and talkative cat. He will require a lot of stimulation as his breed (Arabian Mau) is very energetic. His cute chirps really make him sound like he's talking in sentences. It is never a dull moment with this guy.

Nino really is one hell of a cat. He wants to be the top banana, but doesn't seem to realize he's smaller than most of the other cats in the Cat Forest. His loud, growl-like screams can be a little concerning at first but that is just how he communicates. He can be a bit of a bully because he wants to play with the other cats and he plays rough. More timid cats can be afraid of him and he doesn't know how to be gentle yet. 

We noticed that he is choosy with who he likes and who he bullies. Introducing him to another feline would be a gamble, but we think Nino would do well with another high energy cat of a similar age who he could tussle and play-fight with.

Nino gets anxious in new surroundings so please be very patient with him if you choose to adopt this sweet and crazy boy.

Birthday September 2022

Weight: 3.9 KG

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Interview with Shenna, Store Co-Manager

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