Odie & Aaron

Bonded Besties Odie & Aaron

Odie and Aaron are part Arabian Mau and it’s important to note that this breed requires a lot of attention and stimulation. They’re full of energy (more than most other breeds) and need lots of enrichment and stimulation to keep them out of trouble. Aaron and Odie play/wrestle together a LOT and are good at helping keep one another stimulated. 


Description: Orange and white, vibrant tabby pattern on his orange parts, mostly his back and top of his head

Breed: Arabian Mau mix

Odie is the definition of an attention hog. He knows what he wants and he's not afraid to demand it, that includes yelling for pets while you're in the middle of a task. Odie loves being close to you, and by close I mean desperately pressed against your chest as if he wants to physically become a part of you. His favorite part of the day is when you look at him. Odie absolutely melts when you give him a circular temple massage, his eyes roll back and he enters another dimension. He’s very confident and affectionate. Will listen to you complaining without complaining back. 

Birthday: May 1st, 2022


Description: Solid dark orange tabby. Yellow eyes

Breed: Arabian Mau mix

Aaron is a very energetic young man. He likes to be everywhere all the time and will not let anything happen in his domain without thoroughly investigating it. His hobbies include investigating, following you to every single room you go to to ensure it's clear of any potential threats or food, and wrestling with his brother, Odie. While he isn't as cuddly as his brother he is just as much of a velcro cat as he is and together they won't let you feel alone... ever. Him and his brother will be the bestest friends you could ever ask for and will ensure there is never a dull moment in your life!

Aaron isn't a huge fan of other cats besides his brother and can be a bully. He is a bit selective with who he bullies and who he doesn't so him and his brother would likely do best as the only two in the home. He is less of a bully to confident cats who aren't submissive, so may learn to get along with another cat that won't let him be the bully. 

Birthday: May 1st, 2022

If you are interested in adopting Aaron & Odie, please reach out to adoptions@catoropets.com to arrange a meeting.