Calico. Arabian Mau Mix

Patch is the sassiest lady you've ever met. This sweet cat can be anxious at times, and her anxiety leads to some negative behaviours like hissing, biting and scratching. Since she has been at Catoro she has become much more gentle and now understands that hands are not toys. Patch was recently surrendered back to Catoro due to circumstances outside of her adopter's control. In that time, her previous adopter hired an animal behaviourist to help Patch integrate into the household. Patch would do well with someone who is confident with cats and will give her gentle yet firm training. 

Patch enjoys chasing wand toys. She is also very independent and curious. She wants to know what you're up to at all times. She loves to nap and won't hesitate to snuggle up next to you. If you are looking for a sweet and spicy margarita - I mean cat - with a big personality and lots of love to give, Patch is your girl! 

Patch would do best in a home without dogs or small children. 

Birthday: August 1, 2022