Vetreska Dovetail/Foxtail Teasing Wand with Laser Pointer (rechargeable)

Size: dovetail
Sale price$22.99


Double-sided wand with laser pointer!

A sleek and elegantly designed, interchangeable wand to fit any Vetreska or other screw tip teaser heads. The built-in rechargeable laser will keep your cat busy for hours, and the wand comes with a charger.

Laser pointers drive cats crazy and we find them especially useful for high energy cats. You can get them to run up and down the room and use up some energy, while you just stay comfortably in one place, holding the wand. Then if you want some more interactive play where you get to connect with your kitty, the attachment end is great. It activates your cat's hunting instincts and lets you bond with your cat, while keeping them fit and healthy. It's also fits Pidan wand attachments so you can change it up easily!

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