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Auto Laser Ball 

This automatic LED cat toy is excellent if you don't always have the time to play with your cat. This is an unpredictable toy that triggers the hunting nature of cats. The battery-operated toy will keep your cat active for hours and help your cat stay in shape.

Based on centrifugal rotation, the ball changes rotating direction automatically, so it will never get stuck when it hits an obstacle. This fully automatic moving ball also has a three-color marquee with a built-in laser pointer, which your cat will not be able to resist. It uses safe laser lights to point in different directions and keep your kitty guessing.

This toy will automatically shut down after ten minutes to save power.

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Shipping and delivery FAQ


1. Requires three AAA batteries to use this product (not included)

2. This product has two major components: the internal part and the outer shell. The internal component is not washable.

3. Don't use this product at a high place as it might fall and break.

4. When the product is in operation, there will be a laser beam shooting out. Don't directly point at a person's or pet's eyes. 

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