Cat Scratcher - Animal Series

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Cat scratcher - animal series


These animal-style cat scratchers are fun and cute, and their elegant and minimalistic colours will add a pop of liveliness to your home. The scratchers are durable and they are constructed to be neat and clean. Both sides of the scratch boards can be used, so they last longer, which makes them more economical.

Octopus (size XL)

The 90 degree right angle is designed so you can lean the octopus against a wall and it will not be easily overturned. You can place it where your cat likes to scratch to keep them from scratching your furniture. Your cat will have even more fun when you combine two halves together.  

Whale (size L)

This cat scratcher is designed like a chaise lounge and can also be used like one. It has wider and longer dimensions so cats of any size can lie on it gracefully.  

Crocodile (size M)

The bumpy design of this scratcher acts like obstacles to satisfy the overflowing curiosity of your cat. It lets your cat have fun while grinding its claws.  

Shark (size M)

The concave design lets your cat grind its claws on this scratcher more comfortably. Your cat can grind its claws with pleasure and sleep on it as well!

Please note:

Cats have a natural desire to sharpen their claws. Paper wear is normal after frequent use, and it will need to be replaced when used up.

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