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It’s a scratch board and cat bed in one!

Save space and keep your kitty happy with this dual function cat bed and scratcher. The size and height match your cat's body perfectly, so it’s a comfy place for them to curl up and sleep. Your cat can scratch the bottom, and keep their nails healthy.

This popular bed is great because it’s both functional, and also has a minimalistic design that fits seamlessly into your house. 

The craftsmanship of corrugated paper 

Do you worry about the state of your cat’s claws - or the state of your furniture? The premium corrugated paper activates your cat's natural need to scratch, and offers them a durable surface to grind their nails on.

With its curved contours, smooth surfaces, and the tightly bound cardboard, the scratcher bed is neat and clean-looking.

Double-sided design, longlasting and durable

The scratcher pad can be removed and flipped over, doubling the length of time your cat can use it to scratch! It is economical and eco-friendly because the durability is two times that of regular scratch boards.

Make sure to place it in a beam of sunlight for that perfect cat nap spot.

If you love cute and functional designs for your feline friend, check out our other stylish Pidan products, and our pet bed and furniture collection!

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