Cat Scratching Board - Memphis of Egypt - Triangle Style

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Three ways to play.

You'll discover the Memphis of Egypt style in this triangular cat scratching board. The style of this kitty furniture brings a burst of color and personality to your home, with bright hues and playful colors. There are three ways to play with this scratching board, so your cat will have more fun.

  1. Your cat can use all its strength on this fine and tightly made scratching board. It's durable to withstand your cat's destructive scratching force. 
  2. Your cat can crawl into the hole and make it as its private hideout. 
  3. Your cat can play with the bell ball that can keep it entertained all day long.

Made with the premium high-density corrugated paper, it's durable and wear-resistant, cut smoothly and evenly, and neat and clean looking. 

By combining a scratcher, cat toy and hiding nook in one piece, this is multi-functional and will save you space in your home. 

Your cat can play with one triangular scratching board, or you can be creative and combine two scratching boards together for your cat to play.   

If you love cute and functional designs for your feline friend, check out our other stylish Pidan products, and our pet bed and furniture collection!

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