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Cat Teaser - Toy Accessory - Tail

This toy accessory is fresh and fun and is a great addition to your cat teaser. The fluffy silver grey tail accessory is designed to provoke your cat's hunting instinct.

Like the foxtail that appears in the snow in winter, it excites your cat's hunting nature. Let your cat and its new 'enemy' fight a battle of wits and courage. Your cat will pounce and bite because the tail brings endless fun.

It is made of durable material so you can use it frequently. The carefully chosen acrylic material is fluffy and soft. The abraded and oxidated aluminum fixture makes the tail wear-resistant and durable. Additionally, it's interchangeable with both Pidan and Vetreska wands. The bell's crisp ring stimulates your cat's interest. The head is replaceable so it is economical and practical. 

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Shipping and delivery FAQ

Please note:

  1. This product cannot be disinfected by hot water; avoid any contact with gasoline, thinner, alcohol and similar liquids.
  2. When cats stretch and tear the product excessively while playing it may cause the product to deform, so please replace regularly. 
  3. Please keep in a place where the cat cannot reach after playing and monitor your cat while playing to ensure they don't swallow the toy.
  4. When playing with cats, you can imitate the movements of animals; it's more fun when you play with your cats with a diverse pattern. Please also pay attention to the balance of play and rest; play with your cats moderately.

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