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Inspired by nature

The colour of this feather accessory is inspired by a nearly threatened species called the Nicobar pigeon. These pigeons have very beautiful feathers by nature. As a result, they are very attractive to cats or predators. Using goose feathers, this toy accurately mimics the rustling feathers of the pigeon.

Aluminum alloy parts 

This feather accessory fits all Pidan cat teasers and toys and can conveniently be attached and removed. It will also fit on our Vetreska wands.

Hand dyeing process

Made using native goose feather and no chemical dyes, so it is safe for your beloved cat.

One purchase, unlimited possibilities

Update the accessories whenever you feel like it, just by replacing the front end. Feel free to mix and match. The accessories perfectly fit with all Pidan toys and even the Vetreska wands too!

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