Catoro Cat Crate (Limited Edition)

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A curated gift box including some of our most popular items, available as a monthly subscription or a one time purchase. 

It's a surprise box each month, with a balanced mix of items. It has something for your cat to play with, something for their health, and something for you... Plus lots more to keep your cat happy!

The contents are valued at over $45 so this is a great way to save money while treating your kitty to a mix of high quality items.


We’re hoping you can share the love and support for Catoro with your family and friends by purchasing a Cat Crate, as these will make the purrfect gift for cat lovers everywhere.

~If your cat is picky, please leave a note at checkout, or send us an email if you would like to specify food and treats to be primarily chicken, fish, etc. We will try to accommodate as much as we can!~

We ship worldwide!

*Cats not included with the subscription box!

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