Cature Cranberry Plaque-Stop

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Plaque-Stop for Your Kitty

Cature's Cranberry Plaque-Stop uses natural ingredients to help freshen breath and fight plaque and tartar. The cranberry extract acts as natural deodorizers and gently clean your pet's teeth, and the formula is fortified with minerals and probiotics to support oral health.

Simply sprinkle evenly over your pet's food - no brushing required! This product is suitable for both cats and dogs.

Recommended for sprinkling over dry food.

To keep your cat or dog healthy we also have lots more pet health and hygiene supplies, and we also have lots of stylish pet furniture for you to explore.

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Cranberry extract, persimmon extract, zeolite powder, cellulose, yucca extract, taurine, zinc gluconate, magnesium sulfate, sodium pyrophosphate, lactobacillus acidophilus, protease, glucose oxidase, etc.

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