Critter Collection Supreme Rod

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Rompikatz Critter Collection Supreme Rod

  • One Rod - 3 sizes 18", 25", 32"
  • Adjustable String Lengths
  • Interchangeable with all Critter Collection Series Toys
  • Usable with other toys or make your own and clip to the rod

Key Features

  • Premium quality, uniquely designed for versatility in playtime
  • Lightweight graphite, fishing-style extending rod
  • Unique design offers 3 different lengths in one rod
  • Ergonomically designed, comfort-grip foam handle
  • Custom designed guide rings attach toys to the rod and vary the string length
  • Highest quality manufacturing offers exceptional durability and strength
  • Visually appealing colours make the rod stand out
  • Compact making it perfect for travel and easy storage

If you're interested in this rod make sure to pick up some of the critter collector attachments here. You can also explore our other cat toys here!

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