Cup Noodles Pet Bed

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This Cup Noodle Shaped Pet Bed is a Japanese Style pet sleeping bed for kittens and puppies to play on. 

We use super soft and smooth material to care for your pets' skin, giving your pet the perfect place to snooze on with a maximum sense of security.

Let your pet sink into a place full of relaxation to sleep, away from fatigue and stress.

Reversible cushion -Designed to look like ramen noodles and filled with soft polyester cotton to provide maximum comfort and warmth to your furry friend. The soft pillow can be removed from the bed if cleaning is needed. Each side of it is covered with different fabrics, which can be used interchangeably according to what kind of feel you prefer. 

Detachable lid - Made of a combination of high-grade crystal velvet + lamb velvet. Light and comfortable. Can be used as a blanket that provides sufficient warmth all year round.  

Sturdy structured foamed bowl - Made of washable polyester material. Excellent heat retention and breathability. Raised rim to offer your cat better support and feeling secure without any worries!

Our Materials:

  • Warm PP Cotton/Plush, soft and skin-friendly
  • Non-slip for the safety of pets
  • Deep Sleep

    If you love cute and functional designs for your feline friend, check out our other stylish Vetreska products, and our pet bed and furniture collection!

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    Style Length Width
    M 40cm 40cm 20cm
    L 50cm 50cm 20cm

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