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Breaking the barrier of traditional thinking, the Lunar Catsule is composed of a base and a portable cabin. The concepts of a bed and a carrier are skillfully integrated into the design. The cabin gives cats a comfortable space to the greatest extent. The base provides storage and stability for the cabin and offers four tracks with toy balls for play.

Designed for LARGE pets

The design is streamlined with a complete arc. To ensure the integrity of the shape, no effort was spared in the design and production details to achieve perfection. The cabin and base are made of ABS materials with excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, and superior impact strength. The transparent cover is made of PC materials. It's durable, stable, elastic, highly breathable, and can withstand high impact for added protection. 

The design makes the base more than just a seat for your cat. It has the function of stabilizing the main body and gives it the added ability to store. The base is designed with a small ball track, where your cat can entertain themselves and find more positive associations with this bed. The base also stores the carrying straps when not in use, without having to remove them.

The interior is made of velvet which is detachable and replaceable. There are two access points on the carrier for breathability and also for petting. The top handle is a comfortable and collapsible silica gel material. It can be carried as a conventional carrier, as a backpack, or with a single shoulder strap to wear on your front or back.

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