"Magic" Deodorizing Powder (Discontinued)

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Freshen Your Home Naturally And Keeps It Odor Free

Many cat owners have an issue with the strong odors produced after their cats pee and poo. Dr. P Magic Powder can help you solve this problem.

This Dr. P Magic Powder is subtle and refined, and it suits any kind of clumping cat litter. The directions for use are very simple - you just need to sprinkle the powder into the cat litter and then mix it well.

Dr. P Magic Powder is different from other deodorizers because there is no artificial fragrance added. Magic Powder absorbs the odor naturally. This natural deodorization is achieved by the crystal layer structure from the premium mineral mined by Mineral Technologies ®.

You can also use the Magic Powder to remove odors other than the strong smell of cat’s pee and poo. Magic Powder is harmless to cats and human and keeps the air in the house fresh and clean. 8 packs per box.

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