Petkit Cat Scratch and Play Mat

Style: Petkit Scratch and Play Mat
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The Petkit 4-in-1 cat scratcher is designed for your cat to play with, tease, smell, sleep and scratch, all in one device.

It comes with a base unit that can hold 2 balls and a scratching board. The inside of the green ball contains catnip. Inside the orange ball there are bells that make it super entertaining for your cats to chase.  Complimentary catnip is also included to sprinkle on the board.  


  • This cat scratcher can not only be used as a toy, but also as a bed.
  • The 33 cm diameter allows for your kitty to take a snooze whenever they are tuckered out from chasing the balls and scratching the board.

Toy Balls:

  • Keep their senses engaged with the green and orange balls.
  • The green ball has a catnip and the orange ball has a bell. 


  • The green and orange balls, and the scratchpad, are all replaceable. 


  • The 4-in-1 cat scratcher comes with a corrugated board that is both solid and durable. It offers your kitty fun and healthy play experience.

Weight: 1.4 kg 

Suits small to large cats


Replacement Corrugated Board
Meow Planet Balls​​​​​​​

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