Petkit Fresh Nano Pet Bowl

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Size: Single
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What makes this bowl unique?

The designers carefully studied the face shape and features of various cats. This research resulted in the most optimal shape and inclination angle of the bowl to help your pet maintain the best healthy eating habits. 

It's available as a single bowl or a double bowl set-up.

Ergonomic: The 15 degree tilt allows for your cat to easily access their food. Additionally, the bowl has been raised as well enhance your pet’s comfort while they eat.

Leak Proof::  You can twist the bowl on the base either tilted or flat. Both options will be secured in place once locked in. 

Skid Proof:  4 skid-proof rubberized grips at the bottom of the base allows for proper gripping. 

Easy to Clean:  The clear bowls are removable, which allows for them to be easily washed and dried.


Weight: 0.38 kg – 0.62 kg 

Capacity: 0.27 L – 0.45 l 


  • Transparent PC
  • ABS

Dimensions (cm):

  • Single Bowl - 22 x 16 x 9
  • Double Bowl - 33 x 16 x 9

 Suitable for small to large cats!

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