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MAGICUBE FILTER 3PK are refills for your PETKIT AIR MAGICUBE SMART ODOR ELIMINATOR. It ensures that your home is free of pet odors and purifies the air of any space its in.

  • Get rid of Harmful Particles: Effectively captures hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ammonia gas.
  • Bacteria/ putrefaction microorganisms/ ammonia hydrogen sulfide
  • Indoor invisible formaldehyde can continue to evaporate for ten years.
  • Eliminates formaldehyde, the invisible killer  Ionic Air Purifier: 
  • The Magicube is an ionizer that can remove airborne particles (ie. dust, viruses, etc) decreasing you and your pet's chances of catching some sort of viral bug! 
  • Quickly purify harmful particles, avoiding the spread of putrefaction and reproduction of microorganisms.

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