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Gone are the days of litter tracking all over your house. We love our cats, but sometimes they leave a little mess behind. No need to stress any longer with the Petkit Pura Villa Litter Box.

The covered litter box securely encloses your kitty for privacy, and keeps litter hidden from sight. The semi-enclosed design helps reduce unpleasant odors.

The grated doorway helps prevent litter from ending up on your floors.

It's easy to put together and is a sturdy, functional litter box that also looks sleek and modern in any house.

Nice and Roomy for Cats:

  • The toilet area accounts for about 65% of the total product
  • Fits all cats - equal or smaller than 8KGS

Provides a Safe Space: Accommodates the natural habits of cats by getting into a box that feels both safe and comfortable... Especially great for shy cats.

Interior Light:

  • Automatically turns ON after 1 second when you open the door.
  • Turns OFF while the door is closed (if the door is not fully closed, it will be OFF after 5 minutes).
  • Light makes it easy to scoop litter at night or check the litter box situation.
  • If the light is on for 5 minutes a day, batteries could last for six months.

Easy to Clean:

  • Detachable design
  • No need to clean the whole villa each time, in most cases you just need to clean the litter basin while changing cat litter.
  • Could install Pura Air odor eliminator (alternative: purchased separately)

Additional Information:

Dimensions: 518 x 523 x 539mm

Weight: 5.45 kg

Pet Type: Small to Large Cats up to 18lbs

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