Pidan Alligator Cat Tunnel

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One tunnel, multiple ways to use it.

Watch your cat leap back and forth through the tunnel.

Your cat can lay down and sleep in the tunnel whenever they want a cozy nap.

Your cat will have even more fun when you play with it using a teaser toy.

It's like a kitty playground and a cat bed in one!

It's made out of premium felt, soft to the touch but sturdy enough to hold its shape. The tunnel part is supported by two pieces of PET.

How to put it together

Step 1: Align 2 and 1. Then snap them together.

Step 2: Align 3 and 1. Then snap them together.

Step 3. Align 4 and 3. Then snap them together.

Step 4: Align 5 and 3. Then snap them together.

Please note

This product cannot be washed by water, but it can be easily disassembled to lint roll and clean all sides of it.

If you love cute and functional designs for your feline friend, check out our other stylish Pidan products, and our pet bed and furniture collection!

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