Pidan Shock Absorbing Dog Leash, 2 types, 2 patterns per type


Style: Shock Absorbing Circle - Colour Block
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Function and style

A shock absorbing dog leash that is suitable for small and medium sized dogs.

Our shock-absorbing dog leash prevents and reduces physical injury to itself and you, when your dog suddenly charges forward.

Dog trainers won't recommend springy dog leashes because those dog leashes cannot control the dog. Unlike those springy dog leashes, ours gives you that control.

Two spots for you to hold

Our dog leash has two spots for you to hold. You hold at the leash end when you go for a delightful and easy walk with your dog. And you can grab at the shock absorber when you need urgent or more control of your dog.

The connecting parts of our dog leash are metal and thickened. They are also strong and durable. You feel secure and don't need to worry about your dog breaking loose. 

Comfortable and high quality

Comfort is essential, especially when you take your dog for a walk. The loop for our dog leash is soft and sturdy and made of polyester silk and padded neoprene. It prevents slip, wicks sweat, and lessens your fatigue.

Looking great is important too. Our dog leash comes in four styles. Each is beautiful and well-designed. You can be sure that our dog leash looks great on your dog, and your dog will look like a total trendsetter!

Weight: 239 g

Size: 25 x 1290 mm

Material: TPU, polyester silk, neoprene, Zinc alloy

Diamond shock absorber style

Weight: 213 g

Size: 25 x 1270 mm

Material: TPU, polyester silk, neoprene, Zinc alloy

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