Pidan "Volcano" Pet Food Bowl with Digital Scale

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Precise weighing

The perfect bowl for any pet with special dietary needs!

Each meal is just right with the help of the digital scale's precise weighing. The bowl's high precision pressure sensor can detect each gram, so you can accurately give your pet the proper portion for each meal, without bringing out the scale every time.

Turn on, off, and reset to zero using just one button. Long press for 2 seconds to turn on or off. Press the button once to reset to zero.

The sensor has an automatic 100-second shut-off to preserve battery life.

The open style curve-shaped bowl makes it easy for pets to eat until the very last bite - even those with short noses or flat faces.

You can separate the bowl from the digital scale to clean the bowl with ease.

Please note

1. No batteries included in this product. It requires three AAA alkaline batteries to operate. 

2. Don't wash the digital scale. Don't heat the transparent bowl with a microwave. Not dishwasher safe.

3. The maximum display value is 999 g. The maximum load capacity is 20 kg.


This product is suitable for cats and dogs.

Weight: 450 g

Size: 230 x 230 x 74 mm

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), AS (Styrene acrylonitrile), electronic parts

If you love cute and functional designs for your feline friend, check out our other stylish Pidan products, and our bowls, feeders and accessories!

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