Rustlin' Iridescent Mylar Teaser

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Rustlin' Iridescent Mylar Teaser

Rustling sounds with sparking iridescent wings immediately grabs any cat attention!

Unique rustling sounds. Captivating toy for cats of all ages! Purrfect for closeup play and encouraging jumps. Great for using as training tool. Compact for travel.

Rompicatz Rustlin’ Toys. The toys’ rustling sounds captivate cats’ attention and stimulate natural hunting instincts. The Rustlin’ Flying Bird Teaser has an extendable wire for longer rod length and added play styles. The Rustlin’ Winged Bug Teaser features colorful blue and pink wings that dazzle in the light. The Rustlin’ Iridescent Teaser is perfect for close-up play and encouraging jumps. The Rustlin’ Butterfly Teaser has a flexible wire rod, and owners can rotate or position butterflies anywhere along the wire for a variety of playing styles.

  • Total rod length: 18”
  • Toy: 4.5”x 1”
  • Designed & Made in Japan

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