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Cute Lamb Style, Lovely and Playful

This nest is styled after a cute lamb and has a pure and clean atmosphere. It adds some playfulness in the home. The size is just right for cats and small dogs to use.

Quality Materials Create a Feeling of Warmth

The nest is made of pillow-soft fabric and strictly selected PP cotton padding, so the feeling is soft and delicate. This soft and warm nest is thick and does not deform easily, so the quality is reliable. It helps your pet feel full of love and warmth, just like sleeping peacefully in your arms.

Thoughtful Designs, A Nest Both You and Your Pet Will Love

The nest is a semi-closed pet bed and it satisfies your pet's natural instinct to It is covered with short plush so your pet's fur does not easily stick. The pad inside is removable and washable. It is convenient to clean. 


  1. It is recommended to place the nest under direct sunlight every week to disinfect and kill germs.
  2. Clean the drifting fur on the inner pad every day and keep the inside of the nest clean and dry.
  3. It is recommended to wash the inner pad every week to reduce bacterial health. 

Sheep nest product details


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