Fruity Litter Box (Grapefruit)

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Looks great AND works great

The Vetreska Fruity Kitty Kove is a litter box in the shape of a grapefruit. With its fresh and bright colour scheme, it is functional for your cat, and also a refreshing home decoration that fits in with (and even improves) your living space.

The drawer design prevent odours, and it comes with a matching scoop and holder, making it super convenient at cleaning time! It features a human-centred design with many details designed to provide a better experience when cleaning it:

  • The draw-in-and-out litter drawer allows you to refill litter and clean the litter box with ease.
  • The shutter flap keeps smells contained, and ensures a smooth step-in-and-out for your kitty. It can also be easily removed for cleaning.
  • The extra-large litter collecting board is located outside the box, and it collects litter that sticks to your cat’s paws - so less litter ends up on your floor.
  • By putting this litter collecting tray on the outside, it increases the internal space so that the litter box can fit a cat up to 6.5 Kg.
  • It is made out of environmentally-friendly ABS material, which is durable and long-lasting.

Give your kitty a tidy and hygienic litter box that also looks cute in your house! If you want to explore more Vetreska products click here. For more litter boxes click here.

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54 × 54 × 43 cm

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