Vetreska Watermelon Cat Scratcher Box

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Our cat scratching pads can help stop your cat from scratching of furniture and carpets, and support healthy nails. The box can be used for a long time as it is made with durable materials. It's a fun and vibrant design that your cat will love!
Unique design:
With a cute, fruity appearance, this ingenious combination of cat bed and scratcher can integrate into your room décor, while making your kitty feel at home too.
High-quality materials: 
The cat scratcher bed is made of high-quality recyclable paper, and the surface is uniform with strong pressure resistance. It uses an environmentally friendly glue made of corn starch, which is safe for pets.
Multifunctional Use: 
There are multiple uses for this cat scratcher house. It can be used as a scratcher, or as a cat lounge. When you introduce a teaser toy you can have endless fun playing with your cat through the window holes. Ideal for cats under 20lb.
A hidden area inside the box satisfies your cats love of enclosed spaces, and it has enough holes to maintain good breathability. So it can provide a sense of security for your cat, while making sure they have good ventilation.
Weight 1.05 kg
Dimensions 53*40*29.5cm


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