Peach Scratching Pad

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Peach Scratching Pad

This Vetreska Cat Scratcher Pad is both a functional and decorative piece that attaches (via suction cups) to any wall surface. It satisfies your cat’s daily scratching and pawing needs and encourages healthy claws. It also gives cats an acceptable alternative to scratching the carpets or furniture, while looking cute. Made from upgraded corrugated cardboard, the inner scratching pad is durable and long-lasting.

  • Cat scratching board provides an outlet for cats to grind their claws instead of using your furniture.
  • Made with natural jute rope twine
  • Give your cat an entertaining place for activities and play, so that you can see the vibrant and fun side of your cat. Such a cute cat scratch toy will ensure the physical and mental health of your cat, and you'll love the look of it in your home.
  • Easy to attach to any wall surface, including windows.

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