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Let Your Pet Sleep In A Tasteful Bed Just Like Yours

Minimalistic design 

This pet bed is made of high-quality wood with semi-open architecture. It has a simple geometric flow line that can be integrated into various home styles. For your cat, it's like sleeping in a warm embrace.

Multiple options

The pet bed pad is removable so you can adjust it to suit your pets preferred sleeping position. This will make your pet sleep even more comfortably and freely.

Meticulous craftsmanship with visible quality

This pet bed is made of a high-quality basswood with a wax treated surface. The pad's covers are made of soft cloth with exquisite tailoring, soft and beautiful. The pad's fillings are made from elastic sponge so it is comfortable and clean. The cover has a zipper to remove for easy cleaning. The base is designed with anti-skid material so it doesn't slide about, and is gentle on wooden floors.

This pet bed is perfect both for cats and small dogs.

Cleaning tips

  1. It is recommended to remove the cover for washing and disinfect the sponge every week. Keep the bed clean and dry.
  2. Place the pet bed in an area that is less humid to prolong the use of the wood. 
  3. Avoid direct sunlight. You can regularly polish the wood surface to maintain its gloss.

Please note:

The wood of this product is all natural. Each wood veneer line is unique and not due to a painting issue. The wood board is made with a multi-layered compression technology, so transport may cause hairline splits which will not affect its overall integrity. Please be aware of this possibility before you purchase.

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