Cream Puff

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years

Cream Puff is like a fluffy stuffed toy that likes to take naps in the litter box and hide his precious looks away from everyone. He’s very shy and likes to keep to himself in his little basement. This munchkin loves a good head scratch and literally melts in your hands. Cream Puff loves to drool when he’s feeling good and is a big fan of wet, sloppy smooches right to the face. He is more on the timid side, so a little patience goes a long way with this fella. Cream Puff suffers from a painful condition due to breeding (Scottish Fold Osteochondrodysplasia) and being confined, which requires him to get injections every month so he wouldn’t feel any discomfort in his joints. Having him trust you and confide in you is one of the biggest rewards you will ever feel.