Play with the cats at your own risk

Cats have sharp nails and teeth. The risk of scratches and bites is real. Treat the cats with respect.

Do not pick up the cats

Be gentle and respectful when playing with cats. You may pet the cats. If they wish to be closer to you, they may jump on your lap (if you're lucky!) Do not grab or restrain the cats. 

Clean Hands

You will be asked to sanitize your hands before entering the cat room. 

Do not feed cats or leave food unattended

We have a strict feeding schedule and diet plan for all our cats. They may not eat any food or treats brought in from the outside. 

Do not disturb cats while they're drinking or eating

Please remain calm and quiet around feeding cats. Do not disturb them or try to feed them yourself. Our cats have been brought from sometimes stressful living situations and our goal is to rehabilitate all of our cats to be calm and social companions. Please do not touch or handle the cats' food. 

Please do not wake a cat if it is fast asleep

The same rules apply as above. Please do not disturb a cat that is sleeping.

Take some pictures!

Photos are definitely allowed but absolutely no flash is to be used. You can tag @catoropets on Instagram for a chance to have your photos featured.

Quiet Cat Forest

The cat forest is a QUIET ZONE. Please use your inside voice!

General Cat Forest Etiquette

No running is allowed in the cat forest and no chasing after cats. This is the cats’ home and they are free to go wherever they please. Do not hold them down or restrict their freedom of movement in any way.

Parents & Children

Children under 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult. We do not allow children under age 5 in the cat lounge. 

 There must be one adult present for every two children. We are not a babysitting service. Parents and guardians must be able to adequately supervise their children at all times or will be asked to leave. 

Children age 13 - 17 may enter the cat forest unaccompanied.

Failure to follow rules

Catoro has a one-warning policy. Staff at Catoro may issue a warning if any rules are not being followed. If you or your children continue to break our rules, our staff will ask your group to exit the cat room.