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Cat Forest Questions

Visit our adoption page here to find out the process and apply.

You can also read some of our adoption FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Yes! Our cafe is completely separate from the cat forest so you can come in anytime within opening hours to get a drink or a snack.

Our current schedule is for 50 minute sessions. Please arrive on the hour to allow for time to check in, prepare your drink and for orientation.

You will have to book the subsequent session after your first one in order to stay longer. Every hour we will need a 10 minute break to clean and sanitize the room to comply with COVID safety guidelines.

At the moment we are encouraging all visitors to pre-book online or call ahead to book before coming. Walk-ins will be accepted but on a limited basis and there may be wait to go into the cat forest.

No outside food/drinks are allowed in the cat room. You may bring only the food and drinks purchased in our cafe which are in disposable and safe containers. 

There are no restrictions for attire for the cat forest. However you will be required to change into slippers before entering which we will provide. Please bring your own socks if possible. Also, shorts or skirts are not recommended to lower the chance of scratches.

Local Delivery

Catoro offers free local delivery within 30km of our store at 666 East Broadway in Vancouver. Our deliveries are made by our own team as we do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible and with a personal touch! Any and all tips are greatly appreciated as the cost of doing our own deliveries can add up!

We currently deliver to anywhere within 30km of Catoro Cafe for free on orders over $50.

We also have flat rate shipping fees on orders under $50 or outside of 30km.

For orders over $50, we offer Free Local Delivery within 30km of our store at 666 East Broadway, Vancouver. You can use Google Maps to check if you are within 30km.

Some places within 30km:


-North Vancouver

-West Vancouver




-Port Moody

-Port Coquitlam

-New Westminster


We aim for 5-7 days to deliver your order. If there is any delays, we will notify you by email. If you are needing to order litter or food urgently, please order accordingly to our delivery time. If you need to place a rush request, please email us at info@catoropets.com and we will see if we can accommodate you.

Please double check the postal code that shows up on Canada Post or Google for your address. Once you fix the postal code then it should work! Please email info@catoropets.com if you still need help.

Yes! We ask that you enter your delivery preferences for when you’re home and available and we will do our best to come within those days and times.

No! We have a contactless curbside pick up option as well! Please choose that upon checkout. When you arrive, you can call 604-423-2987 and someone will be happy to bring your order to your vehicle. We have parking at the back of Catoro or on the street in front. Please bring photo ID to verify before picking up your order.

Shipping to the rest of BC & Beyond

We can ship anywhere in the world. Our goal is to make our products as accessible as possible to anyone who wants modern and healthy items for their cat. We work with multiple shipping carriers and our rates are updated in real time to give you the fastest or cheapest shipping options, no matter where you live.

As many of our items come in large packages or are quite heavy, shipping rates can be expensive depending on where you live in the world. We do our absolute best to consolidate packaging where possible to lower your overall shipping cost. If you aren’t sure about the cost, or you want a more custom quote, please email us at info@catoropets.com.

Most products we have in stock at Catoro. Certain larger and more expensive items we don’t keep stock of and will be a pre-order if you decide to purchase. Once we receive an order, our team will fulfil that order within 24 hours. If there is any delays with product availability, we will notify you by email. Shipping will only occur between Monday to Friday. For all shipping times, you will see how many days the expected delivery is before you checkout. We expect it to take 5-10  days for your order to arrive. With COVID-19, the shipping times can sometimes be delayed. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Once you complete your order, you will have to wait for a follow up email within 24-48 hours after we’ve fulfilled it. This email will give you a tracking number and shipping ETA. Alternatively, you can download and use the Shopify “Shop” app to consolidate all your Catoro and other online purchases into one location where you can see how long they will take and also get live shipping updates.

Sezzle is a payment plan that lets you split your entire online purchase into 4 interest-free payments, over 6 weeks with no impact to your credit.

Learn more here

Adoption FAQs

Catoro is a big believer in not rushing the adoption process so that the cat and the family are both ready for the new transition.

Our cats are divided into different categories based on how long they have been at Catoro. These categories allow the cats to properly settle in, be socialised, and develop their personalities before they are ready for adoption.

New Arrival:

New to Catoro and potential quarantine period. Could be 1-2 weeks until adoption applications start to be processed.

Available to Adopt:

This kitty is looking for a forver home! Applications will now be accepted and will remain open until we feel we have a great match for the cat.


Adoption applications for this cat are closed and the existing applications are being processed. This can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks.

Apply here!

The most special part about adopting from Catoro is the interaction that you get to have with our cats.

Although thousands of shelters do amazing work rescuing cats, it is never a truly fair and honest experience in meeting a cat when they are kept in a cage and living in fear.

All the cats at Catoro, regardless of their background, get to roam free and be their true selves. We have countless stories of cats that were once shelter cats and had been overlooked by potential adopters for months because of just their looks while in a cage.

But once they arrived at Catoro, they were almost immediately adopted due to their amazing and unique personalities! This is truly the most magical part of coming to Catoro, getting to bond with an unexpected cat and making a new friend.

This makes the experience completely different from adopting anywhere else. See the cats we have here.

Meeting the cat you're interested in is mandatory prior to submitting an adoption application.

We do this for the best interests of the cats. We want each one to go to a loving home where they have been adopted not only for their looks, but for being the right fit and having a personality that will fit into your family as well.

When you're ready to adopt, we ask that you visit our adoption page to review the steps and costs. You can see the page here.

Adopt one cat for $400 or two cats for $600. More information can be found here.

At Catoro, we take extra precautions when bringing in a cat to ensure they are fully vaccinated and checked over to prevent any risk of illness.

Each cat comes to Catoro with the following treatments: Spay/Neuter, Vaccinations, Microchip, Deworm, Revolution Treatment, Dental Work(as needed), Blood Work, and FIV & FELV tests. Please see more information here.

Receive a $25 Catoro Gift Card if you adopted/rescued a kitty from a registered shelter or adoption centre on or after August 1st, 2019. Offer qualifies to anyone who purchases a new custom adoption kit (full details about that here) Rebates will be issued 14 days after purchase and rebate submission.

Please fill out the form at the link below, to receive your $25 gift card. After 14 days, we will email you the gift card which you may redeem for purchases online or in-store.

Rescue Cat Bonus Form

Catoro is a big believer in not rushing the adoption process so that the cat and the family are both ready for the new transition. The complete adoption process takes about 2-6 weeks. If you are ready to apply, please see the adoption page here.

We highly recommend Trupanion, and when you adopt from us, you get the Exam Day Offer. More info here.

Meeting the cat you're interested in is mandatory prior to submitting an adoption application. We do this for the best interests of the cats. We want each one to go to a loving home where they have been adopted not only for their looks, but for being the right fit and having a personality that will fit into your family as well.

Many people plan to adopt a cat just based on appearance or breed and are surprised when the cat is not how they thought they would be. It's always good to keep an open mind when you come to Catoro, you never know which cat you might connect with most!

When you visit Catoro, please consider 1-2 secondary choices if the cat you're interested in already has an application pending. If you're ready to adopt, click here!

We receive many new cats each week and our team do their absolute best to keep up to date with adding new cats to our website. If you're not sure which cat it is, please send us a photo of the cat and an email with any questions you may have to adoptions@catorocafe.com

With all of our adoptions, the health and safety of the cats is our number one priority. Because it is very easy adopters to give the right answer, but not actually tell the truth, we cannot disclose why we are denying an application. It is too easy for an adopter to take the "right" or "ideal" answers to apply with the next rescue they deal with and get approved just by saying what they want to hear. 

We are committed to educating the public on feline welfare as much as possible, however there will always be certain people who will adopt and disregard all of the best practices and do things that put a cat in harms way. 

We follow a "trial period" method of adoption. This gives the adopters up to ten days after the adoption to decide whether the cat is right for them. During this time, they can return the cat for any reason, and receive a refund minus a non-refundable $50 processing fee.

If, for any reason, an adoption does not work out past the 10 day trial period, adopters are welcome to surrender the cat back to Catoro at any time.

New adopters are required to book a vet appointment for their cat within ten days of picking up their new cat.

Nutrition and Supplies

By purchasing through Catoro, you’re supporting rescue initiatives and allowing us to bring in and care for more cats. Our team and our kitties all appreciate you ordering through us! Visit our shop here.

We are a small business and don't have space to stock all the items that we offer. When you buy 'special order' items, we order them in just for you, so it takes a bit longer to ship to you. You can see an estimate of the expected delivery time on the product page.

If you select a special order food/litter as part of a Refills order, we'll order that item early so that you get the item on time each month!

When you adopt your new cat. This can be a stressful time for them as they're being displaced. We strongly recommend to at least use one bag or 12 cans of their existing food to transition them to whichever food you decide to feed them to put the least amount of stress on them and to avoid having them not eat when they enter your home. At Catoro, we believe in feeding our cats the best quality food we can find to keep them healthy and happy. Everything we offer online is what we feed our cats in store. 

The leading cause of feline death is kidney failure. We strongly recommend to all cat owners to feed at least 2 wet meals per day to ensure your cat gets enough moisture in their diet. It is best to free feed and leave out a bowl of dry food at all times especially if you’re gone during the day. See the food here.

Our cats eat Orijen and Acana dry food and they love it! When adopting, it's important to keep their diet consistent with what they were eating at Catoro. If you want to change dry foods, do so gradually so they can adjust.

Shop dry food.

Our cats eat Boreal and FirstMate wet food and we highly recommend these. After adopting, if you decided to change wet foods, make sure to do so gradually to make sure your cat has time to adjust.

Shop wet cat food here.

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