Catoro Cafe Jobs

At Catoro Cafe, our mission is to create experiences that captivate our guests and transport them from their daily lives and routines into our enchanting narrative which we call the Catoro World. We believe that doing good and creating social change doesn’t have to be at odds with having fun and doing something you will enjoy.

Our philosophy is simple, rather than propagating guilt in order to spread the crisis of cat abuse and overpopulation, we want to educate our communities on the benefits and importance of being around cats in our day-to-day lives. Rather than describing the problems that come with cat overpopulation, we wish to use cats as a solution that can help many improve their mental wellbeing and quality of life. The fictional story we’ve created with Catoro embodies this message and we hope will change the perceptions that the majority of people have on cats.

Working at Catoro will be unlike any other cafe you’ve experienced. Our culture is not about doing what is easiest, most efficient, or is the most profit driven. Rather it is to prioritize doing what is right for each other as a team, then our customers, then our community in which we occupy. Our promise to each employee is to have an open working environment free of managerial politics, stagnant day-to-day routines, and closed communication lines between employees and managers. Any team member, regardless of role or tenure, shall have their voices and opinions heard freely with respect and an open mind.

The founding team of Catoro is here to support your development! What we mean when we say this is, whether you plan to be with us for a short time or a long time, we want to ensure that you have the maximum opportunity to grow in the way you wish to. We will always do right by our team and provide opportunities internally to grow into different roles and take on other responsibilities if they should suit you. Contrastly, if you are seeking a place to work for stability and job security, we will support and reward these individuals as well.

What we ask for in return from our team is the following qualities:

  1. Exceptional work ethic - Regardless of the place you work, whether you enjoy your job or not, do you always give 100% or more in effort to master the role you’re in?
  2. Self Awareness - Are you aware of your strengths and weaknesses? Do you know what you need to improve on or how you’re perceived by the people around you?
  3. High Integrity - This doesn’t mean that you aren’t flexible, but it means that you know what’s honest and ethical and you use it as a guide when making decisions at work or outside of work.
  4. Curious - Do you just want to do exactly what’s outlined in your job or are you eager to learn more and to educate yourself on something new?
  5. Empathetic - Can you read and understand the feelings of others, your teammates and your customers?
  6. Optimistic - Do you keep your emotions in check to be a confident and hopeful team member? No job or company is without its imperfections or flaws from time to time. But can you see past this and work for a greater cause that you believe in?
  7. Kind - One of the most important qualities we value is this. Are you friendly, generous, and considerate? Do you put others needs above just your own?
  8. Incredible Communication - Do you always voice your opinions? Or do you keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself? At Catoro, each member of our team is a leader or a leader in the making, and we want each partner to express their thoughts and concerns to us and to each other without fear of judgement or prejudice.
  9. Accountability - Do you take responsibility for your actions, decisions and words? Or do you find a way to blame someone or something else? This quality goes hand in hand with self awareness.
  10. Economical - We are a new and lean startup business. We do everything possible to provide the best working conditions for the cats as well as our team. Having said that, we need team members who appreciate and understand the priorities of Catoro in building a sustainable business that can last for years to come.

If you think that you carry some of the qualities we value, Catoro might be the right place for you. Each new partner will be cross trained either in the beginning or further on to work on either side of the store. We require each partner to be flexible depending on the department needs each day. 

The following are the jobs that we hire for. Currently we are not hiring, however we still accept applications all year round. 

  • Baristas (Full/Part time)
  • Cashiers (Full/Part time)
  • Cat Attendant/Host (Full/Part time)


  • English - Ability to speak, read and write
  • Ability to work in a FAST PACED work environment delivering efficient service and upholding quality standards
  • 1 year customer service experience
  • Food/Beverage service experience an asset
  • Highschool Diploma
  • Food Safe Certification
  • Newcomers to Canada invited to apply
  • Passion for cats and/or bubble tea a must!
  • Vet or Animal Rescue experience appreciated

We also value the following experience or interests that may eventually lead to independent roles within Catoro.

  • Marketing
  • Social Media Influence
  • Photography
  • Artist/Art Curating
  • Animal Rescue/Volunteer Work
  • Digital Media Creation
  • Website management/E-commerce
  • Cat owners

Please email and send us your resume and a cover letter introducing who you are, what role you wish to apply for, and why you wish to work with Catoro. All applicants under consideration will be given a phone and in-person interview. Thank you for your interest in joining Catoro!