Dwight & Dwayne | ADOPTED

DOB: April 26, 2021

Dwight Schrute of Schrute Farm and Dwayne The Rock Johnson are two bonded brothers who are hard to tell apart… Bare with us. One of them has three white hairs on his neck (we suspect its Dwight) and that’s all the physical differences we’ve gathered so far >.<

Both boys are very chill and like to lounge around and wait for the pets and cuddles to come their way. One of them likes to drool when getting cuddled (Dwight).He’s more receptive to affection and will completely melt (hence the drooling) in your arms. He likes to cuddle very close to your face, he thinks your neck and chin are his personal little cave where he cozies up and falls asleep. 

The two have to be adopted together.

STATUS: Available to Adopt