AGE: 9 months

Evie and Sooty were found behind a store in Saudi Arabia. Their mom’s been missing for several days and the kittens were left by themselves. Evie was much smaller than her brother, but she gained weight in foster care and started her healthy journey. Both kitties are sort of like aliens, they will notice you from afar and will become quite vocal when it comes to food, but are still not quite sure of the human touch. Sooty looks like a sad old man and perhaps he was in his past life. The kitties are always eager to say hello but at a distance. UPDATE: Evie has let us pet her, but quickly turns to biting in protection mode. She’s very overprotective of her brother. Sooty will eat treats from your hand and bite your fingers thinking those are treats as well. Evie tends to like treats over her brother and will hiss at him if he tries to get more treats than her.