Foody has had one of the most torturous and horrible pasts. His front legs were broken and he was dumped into a garbage pile. His front legs healed the best they could and resulted in him acting like a meerkat. He often stands up and keeps that position for an extended period of time. Especially when he hears or sees a food dish coming. Foody got his name from having a crazy appetite. Not only does he always ask for seconds, he will also ask for thirds. We understand it’s because he is still not used to the fact that he is no longer a street cat and doesn’t have to fight for his food. Foody is still not very trusting of humans and we don’t blame him for that. He’s quite vocal and likes to lounge around us. He will often comment on how many minutes it has been since his last meal. If you think you can cheat Foody out of his meal, think again.