Haruka is an interesting character. He may appear like a big cat who rules the forest, but he gets jumpy at every sudden movement made, especially by the kittens. He will come up to you first to say hello and head butt your hand, like it's a high five. Harukas known spot is right by the entrance door where he’s guaranteed to be the first one to get attention. He likes rolling around on his back in a comfy chair, like a big baby, but don’t let his exposed belly fool you- he will bite you if he’s over your touch. He doesn’t mean to be mean, he’s just a big boy with big features such as his teeth and claws. He’s incredibly playful for such a big boy and goes nuts over catnip balls. Haruka makes a good center piece on your table and a perfect distraction while you’re trying to work on your laptop. If need be, he will finish your report for you. Haruka has a lot of energy and can easily become anxious, so he needs a good amount of space and distractions, and an adopter who's willing to work with his moodswings.