2-year-old Loki is a shy, fluffy boy who likes to hide in nooks and crannies of the cat forest. He’s taking his time to adjust to the new environment, and ever so often you can see him cross the floor like a centipede. He might not be the first one to make a move, but he will never deny your affection. As soon as your hand touches his cheek, Loki literally collapses to the floor with such speed and weight that might even concern you, but don’t you worry, he’s just that excited to be pet! Loki loves bird watching - his favourite spot is by a window. He loves being petted, and Loki will pet you back! He is passive around other cats except when it comes to food. He can be loud if he is hungry or can't get in a room with a closed door. He loves to crawl into bags and boxes and try to get a taste of your ice cream bar.