Sex: Male

Age: 1 - 2 years

Thio is one of the prettiest boys. He is deaf and has mild Cerebellar Hypoplasia and that’s why he wobbles around when he walks across the cat forest. He has no trouble using his litter box or doing regular cat stuff! He is sweet around humans, but other kitties tend to get swatted by him. A home with no other animals would be more suitable for Thio, as he likes to think that he'd be the king of the castle. He is very curious nonetheless, and is always down for an adventure. Thio likes to observe everything and everyone around him like a real Big Brother. He always has a plan in mind and won’t let anything distract him. Thio has a lot of energy and curiosity, and he tends to get anxious if his needs aren’t met. He needs a home where he can be played with often and get plenty of attention and TLC. He can be loud sometimes so a home with nosy neighbours might not be suitable for this little guy.