Roxy and Ringo

Roxy and Ringo are the sweetest, most loving kitties you could hope for. They give the best cuddles and are very playful for senior cats (they are around 10yrs old).

They enjoy playing with string toys and wands. They are also very well behaved and never scratch people or furniture. They are good with older kids and will play happily, but would prefer no young ones as they find the energy too frightening.

Ringo and Roxy came from a neglectful home and as a result they suffered with dental issues and lost many of their teeth. Coupled with their little flat faces, they have issues with eating and tend to make quite a mess at dinner time. Ringo also eats with his paw so will need cleaning up after each meal.

The extra work will definitely be worthwhile as they are just the sweetest kitties who will make amazing companions