Age: 1 year

Salvador is one of the most special cats we’ve had or seen. He’s had a horrible past and been badly abused and was found with a broken jaw. He’s deaf and blind and therefore needs a very patient and understanding home. Salvador likes to climb things, but doesn’t know how to get back down from them. He’s good at meowing for help, but sometimes he doesn’t want to be a bother and tries to get down on his own which may result in a fall. Despite his disabilities and unpleasant past, Salvador is one of the sweetest cats. As soon as he smells you and his nose touches the back of your hand, he starts to purr and rub against you. He will grasp your hand with his paws and teeth if you try to leave him. He has no issues finding the litter box as well as food and water, and is actually quite independent, just very cautious and slow. Salvador is an absolute sweetheart and deserves all the love and affection in the world!