Will Feral- ADOPTED

Domestic Short Hair. Black.

DOB: April 25th, 2023

Will Feral is a big young fella that's a bit anxious around new people and surroundings. He may hide behind the sofa at first, to get a good read on you and come out of the shadows when he feels comfortable. Will Feral won't hesitate to hiss at you if you startle him, but he will quickly apologize by giving you kisses on your hand like a true gentleman. Will has a permanent slight head tilt, which he did go to the vet for and was told everything is ok. It just adds up to hid quirkiness. This mysterious young boy likes to rub himself all over your hand and we mean that. You can just place your hand beside him and he will do all the work. He gets along perfectly fine with his roommate Adele, which makes us believe he will have no problem with other cats. 

 Mr. Feral is easily startled, so a quiet home with patient and understanding humans will be a perfect fit.