Why you should "adopt, don’t shop"

Adopt, don't shop

You may have heard this phrase, but what does it really mean and why is it important? In honour of national Adopt a  Shelter Pet Day on April 30th, we want to talk about the benefits of cat adoption over shopping for a cat.

Why is it important?

There are many cats living in dirty and dangerous conditions without adequate food, clean water or any health care or human interaction. Sadly many shelters don't have space to house more cats, which means many are left on the streets, and in some sad situations shelter cats are even euthanised. So when you adopt rather than shopping for a cat, you help to fix this cat overpopulation problem.

They are perfectly good kitties

Most cats who are surrendered for rehoming are surrendered because of the personal circumstances of the owner, like a divorce or needing to move to a place that doesn’t allow pets. Cats from shelters and rescue organisations like our cat café are often overlooked because people just assume there is something the matter with those rescue cats. However that is certainly not the case. 

Give rescue cats a chance

By giving a chance to an animal from a shelter or rescue organisation, you give a cat a chance at a new life with a loving family. While the cats in our café are very comfortable and loved, they would love to have an owner that doesn’t have opening hours to show them the love they deserve.

By adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue organization, you also free up space for another homeless kitty, so they can also get the opportunity to find a forever home. By adopting an animal in need from a shelter or rescue organisation you actively choose to not aid a factory breeding mill.

What if you can’t adopt a cat?

If you can’t adopt because of personal circumstances, or perhaps because you simply don't have space for another one... You can always sponsor a cat at our cat café, or shop with us for your cat supplies, because these are other ways to help improve life for rescue cats, and help us continue rescuing more kitties. Or of course, you can always visit us, to show our café’s cute inhabitants some love, and help socialise them through play and human interaction. 

Rescue bonus

Whether you adopt from a shelter or from Catoro, we want to support you with a $25 rescue bonus when you order your essential kitty supplies.

In conclusion

If you’ve been to or heard of our cat café, you know that we love to sit down, relax and bond with kitties over a delicious bubble tea. But mostly, we strive to find all our feline friends the loving forever homes they deserve. We hope this article encourages you to choose adoption when you decide to bring a new pet into your home.