Chloe & Buttercup

Sex: Female and Male

Age: 4 years

Chloe is a queen that likes to do whatever she wants and go wherever she wants. She’s an absolute sucker for pets and will jump up and hug your leg if you show her no attention. She’s a lover, not a fighter. Chloe enjoys slow walks to food dishes and long naps on a hammock. If she deems you worthy, she will be by your side until she hears a snack bag open. I’m sorry, Chloe is still a cat, it’s not personal. Overall she’s a very patient cat that will listen to your annoying baby talk and will pretend that she likes it. She’s a perfect companion to any nap session and a wonderful addition to a family. 

Buttercup is a lovely ginger-and-white boy who is very quiet and shy, and tends to be anxious in new situations. He will often cuddle up with another cat away from where the people are and wait until it’s quiet to emerge. He’s becoming a bit more comfortable with people and will always let you pet him, and he becomes very comfortable when you give him a gentle but thorough brushing. He must be adopted with Chloe.