Selenium & Lithium

Lithium is a BIG boy (over 10kg), who is shy at first but loves cuddles once he gets to know you. He’s a real sweetheart and loves his time on your lap. Selenium is an attention seeker and will take any opportunity to cuddle and be held. She’s a constant purrer and loves sitting up high on her cat tree. She LOVES treats, but we’ve been limiting them due to her weight. She's less overweight than Lithium, but still chunky! Selenium loves to growl and yell when she first arrives somewhere, but soon calms down and settles in. She has mild asthma when she is stressed out but it causes her no issues. These two 9-year-old sweeties must be adopted together. They don't care for other cats, but might warm up to a calm individual eventually.

Meet The Cats!

Book a visit to our Cat Forest today and meet our friendly recue kitties.

We do require that you meet cats before applying to adopt them (to make sure they're a purrfect match).

So if you're thinking about adopting, book your visit now!

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