The Catoro Difference

Thank you for considering Catoro to adopt your next cat. Many of our cats come from urgent animal welfare and medical cases. Unlike adopting from a shelter, you can spend REAL time with the cat that you're considering. Get to know one, or many, before you make the final decision on who to adopt. We hope to give you the best experience in adopting. 

Meeting the cat you're interested in is mandatory prior to submitting an adoption application. We do this for the best interests of the cats. We want each one to go to a loving home where they have been adopted not only for their looks, but for being the right fit and having a personality that will fit into your family as well. 

If you have come to Catoro and think you've found your cat, please read below to see our adoption information and follow the link below to begin the application process. Once your application is accepted, you will be contacted to schedule an adoption interview either online via video call or in person at Catoro.


What is the Cat Adoption Fee?

One cat: $400

Two cats: $600

These fees are inclusive of GST.

What does the adoption fee include?

Vaccinations (number of vaccinations will depend on the age and how long we have had the cat)
Vet check
Revolution treatment
Dental work as needed
Blood work and tested for FIV and FELV
Catoro Adoption Benefits (see below) 


  • Trupanion Pet Insurance Certificate
  • VCA Animal Hospitals Healthy Start Certificate
  • Catoro Adoption Gift Bag


Our Partners

SOS Prairie Rescue

SOS Prairie Rescue is a Saskatchewan-wide non-profit, volunteer-run organization that was founded in 2019.

They rescue cats and kittens and provide them with necessary veterinary care and rehabilitation necessary for adoption into loving homes. 

Like Catoro, SOS feels strongly that education is the key to success in addressing the severe cat overpopulation in Canada. We’re both passionate about educating the public on the importance of spay/neutering their pets, responsible pet care as well as responsible stray/feral cat care.

Learn more about them here.

Running Wild Rescue

The second animal rescue we are partnered with is Running Wild Rescue. Running Wild Rescue is a non-profit animal rescue, based out of Moose Jaw, SK. They are a group of like minded individuals, who work together to save the lives of animals in need. We love that they aim to help them all; dogs, cats, and small critters! 

We’re happy to work with this rescue and take a part in helping the cats they rescue find forever homes.

Follow them here.

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What do I need for my new cat?



When you adopt your new cat, it can be a stressful time for them as they're being displaced. We strongly recommend to use at least one bag of their existing food to transition them to whichever food you decide to feed them. This is to put the least amount of stress on them and avoid having them not eat when they enter your home.

The food we use is a grain free food based on chicken proteins - made using fresh Ontario and Quebec chicken. This is an everyday diet, which can be used to help keep weight off your cat and additionally can be used as a hypoallergenic formula. They use a base of beans and peas to replace the grains found in several cat foods and they also add a combination of herbal pack including blueberries and cranberries, thus improving the taste of the food in addition to added antioxidants with several health benefits.


As a team at Catoro, we tested multiple litter options vigorously before we finalized the option we use now. Whether your home has just one cat, or many, Tofu Litter and Composite Litter are our primary recommendations if you want to use a litter that is not only healthy for your cats, but also one of the longest lasting, easiest to clean, and odor-absorbent litters available.

The tofu cat litter is made of food-grade soy pulp that would otherwise end up in the landfill and is safe and reliable for your cat to use. Absolutely no artificial additives added. The scent is natural fresh so that you and your cat can breathe comfortably. The tofu cat litter has amazing liquid absorbing power. It can absorb a liquid volume four times greater than itself in just two seconds. The faster and the more amount of liquid the cat litter can absorb, the quicker the odor can be suppressed. Every granule is made to have a diameter of 2 mm and as a result, the tofu cat litter is soft on paws. It has good water solubility so you can just flush it down the toilet. We use it in store all the time and we can’t recommend it enough!

If you want to use an alternative litter, we recommend starting off with one bag of Pidan litter to help with the transition to your home. It can be a stressful experience for cats, so keeping some important things the same will help your new cat adapt better.

Ask one of our Hosts about our food & litter recommendations. Adoption discounts apply in store only. Please email, call or chat with us online if you have questions about preparing for your new cat. We hope you have the best experience adopting from Catoro Cafe. Current adoption offers expire 12/31/2021. 

How Do I Apply to Adopt?

Email and we will send you the application form to get you started!

Feel free to email if you don't see what you're looking for in the FAQ or if you have any further questions.