Acana Ranchlands Dog Food 11.4 kg

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  • 70% Free-Range Angus Beef, Free-Range Bison, Free-Range Lamb, Free-Range Pork & Wild-caught Walleye
  • 30% fruits and vegetables from trusted, local sources delivered fresh every time
  • Processed and sourced from Canada’s best and freshest ingredients
  • Acana Ranchlands Dog Food is made in Canada
  • WholePrey Diet - Includes meat, organs & cartilage

Acana Regional Formula Dog Food inspiration and ingredients comes from Canada’s vast and fertile lands which provide quality, regional sources always delivered fresh without preservatives and never frozen. This creates a biologically appropriate, protein-rich formula with various meats, just as nature intended! Not to mention the fresh and local fruits & vegetables delivered fresh and fit for human consumption. It features a completely grain-free formula with no GMO's and no added water. The grain-free and low carbohydrates formula causes your dog's blood sugar to rise less over a longer period of time. Therefore the sensitivity to insulin is increased and fat storage is decreased for better conditioning. ABOUT ACANA RANCHLANDS DOG FOOD As for Acana Ranchlands Grain Free Formula, this food features a palatable red meat & fish formula including ingredients such as free-range Angus beef, free-range bison, free-range pork, and free-range lamb from local ranches in Alberta, wild-caught walleye, and sun-ripened Okanagan Valley fruits and vegetables. This is infused with freeze-dried lamb, pork, and beef liver for extra flavour. With all that said, this food is unmatched with its regional and fresh ingredients from Canada’s best to create a top quality food to keep your dog healthy and happy! ADDITIONAL BENEFITS Biologically appropriate formula – Ingredients and nutrients for the body to absorb easily and readily WholePrey Diet - Includes meat, organs, and cartilage in raw, freeze-dried, and oil form Grain-free and Low Carbohydrates – Causes blood sugar to rise less over longer periods of time Regional sources for all ingredients – Delivered fresh everyday from trusted sources Rich and diverse in red meat –70% Free-Range Angus Beef, Free-Range Bison, Free-Range Pork, and Free-Range Lamb Fresh and local fruits & vegetables – 30% fruits and vegetables from trusted, local sources delivered fresh every time Optimal healthy skin and coat – Marine-source Omega 3 from wild-ca

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