Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Scooper


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Cature Cat Litter Scoop

This is an antibacterial waste scoop made of durable ABS plastic, that has a loop to hang when not in use. It has a design that lets you scoop the poop in a hygienic way (see images for details).

It has a grippy, matte finish on the outside, and a smooth surface on the inside that makes it simple to clean. The pink shovel has slits that are 7.5mm, and the blue shovel has slits that are 5.5mm in size, which lets unused litter fall back into the litter box, reducing waste. The larger size is designed for tofu- or wood-based cat litter.

Looking for something else?

Why not check out our Pidan or Cature cat litter which is the perfect size to for the pink scoop? The blue scoop is the perfect size for clay-based bentonite cat litter, including our bentonite Pidan litter!

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