When he first arrived he was hiding behind the shower curtain, but due to his size it was very hard for him to stay hidden. So after a few minutes and some head scratches, he decided to come out and explore everything.
Baloo had really bad matted fur and big knots that had turned white due to all the dirt it had collected, but after they were cut and he got some good brushing, he is now looking as handsome as ever.
He is very curious and nothing gets past him, especially food.
Baloo is extremely affectionate and loves sleeping next to, or on you.
His favorite thing is to sit on your lap and wrap his paws around your neck for hugs while giving you little nose kisses.
He is also very smart. If you have to work and he insists on sitting on your lap, all you have to do is just put him down on the floor or a nearby chair once or twice, and he will understand that you need to work hard so that he can have a good life.
Despite his size, he is not really a glutton. I guess he's just big boned.
He is great with other cats and would probably be great with both kids and dogs as well.