Baxter is a domestic shorthair apricot (or dilute orange) and white tabby. He is a reserved, shy, cautious kitty who uses hissing as his defence mechanism. He will hiss, but he won't scratch. Baxter is like an alien that just arrived on Earth and is not familiar with pets or humans. He will accept your pets, because he is polite that way, but don't expect him to be enthusiastic about it. Baxter often hides in the fresh towels with his the other nervous kitties in the back. We understand how stressful it is for kitties to get used to new environments, so we let them adjust on their own time. 

Baxter is good with other cats and enjoys being in the presence of his fellow antisocial homies. He would do best in a calm home that doesn't have a lot of activity going on, he will need an adopter who is patient and doesn't mind just hanging out and relaxing. We are confident as Baxter learns to trust humans again he will become the perfect best friend, pal, sweet cheese and goodtime boy.